“Food Dude” Prize Given to Tina of Java Joint

By Ian Hedges

If you frequently visit the Java Joint, you know about Tina. Every morning or afternoon, she wakes up your spirits with a cup of coffee, a “Hello, sweetie,” and  a nothing-but-friendly demeanor. After the 2008 layoffs, Tina became the face of Java Joint and reached out to students by remembering their names, their drink orders, and, in some cases, their class schedules. It is the reason why so many students nominated Tina Rementer for the Bill “Food Dude” Behling Prize. The prize is awarded every year to a staff member who makes friendly connections to students and faculty through their service at the college. Members of the administration and food services presented Tina with the award in an impromptu ceremony last week in Java Joint. Dean of Students Bill Flanagan said that the process was “fun” and that Tina was “certainly most deserving” of the award.

The selection committee saw nominations for 30 different staff members; however, Tina’s nomination stood out. Many students regarded Tina as a “positive presence on campus.” One student noted on their nomination form that Tina has saved their academic career by providing infinite amounts of caffeine. Another student said, “On some of my more stressful times over the past four years, a quick conversation with Tina has made a huge difference. The amount that she genuinely cares for students and who they are is evident, and that is a quality in a staff member that is absolutely invaluable.” One nomination was just one sentence: “Tina is an unsung heroine of campus.”

This author would like to thank Tina for her contributions to Beloit College; students could not study hard without your coffee and could not stay positive without your spirit. Congratulations for winning this award!



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