Every Night Can Be a Fairytale

By Emma Olson

This past week The Round Table published an article titled “The day was a fairytale.” It focused on a recent marriage attended by the author, as well as the benefits of abstaining from physical affection until marriage.  While I understand the points that the author was trying to make, the article and content raised issues that I feel need to be addressed.

The author says, “Think about your first kiss. Do you even know that person anymore? Do you remember that day?” Of course I do. The majority of people I know remember their first kiss. Regardless of whether or not that friend is a virgin or if they have frequent one-night stands, they remember their first kiss. Having your first kiss is like your first day at high school; it’s kind of terrifying and you’ll remember it forever.

Another issue I see is the shame that is instilled in the article. When the author asks the readers if they remember their first kiss, regardless of the author’s intentions, it forces shame on people who have different values or morals; that is wrong. Each person has absolutely every right to live their life the way they want. Whether someone is GLBT or straight as an arrow, has a different sex partner each week or wants to save their first kiss until they’re married, what they do is their decision and their decision only. When shame is added, regardless of the readers’ religious affiliation, is the point at which an article turns from journalism to judgment.



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