BSC Report: Intercultural Competency! Bylaws! BLink!

By Kathleen Hansen

This week’s BSC meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. Mary Ghitelman’13 thanked students for bringing cups to last week’s Milkshake Monday.

Cecil Youngblood, director of Intercultural Affairs, addressed the body for student forum. He began by talking about intercultural competencies, especially in light of the hate speech posters. He explained that it is important to be self-aware and take the time to get to know and respect each other. Youngblood noted that developing intercultural competencies is a skill and requires practice, like reading and writing. The new curriculum includes an intercultural competency requirement, which will facilitate the development of the skill.

He opened the topic to the body, encouraging a conversation. Alice Mitchell’13 began the conversation by saying that she wasn’t sure she liked how the message was shown in the posters, but that the issue is important. Several students commented that the posters were what people talked about, not the issue itself. AJ Haughton’13 noted that the reaction to the Women’s Center sexual assault posters last year was similar. In addition, several students agreed that they would have appreciated it if the posters had more context.

Kelsey Frisbie’13 said that some students may not intend for their statements to be offensive. Assistant Treasurer Alicia Halvensleben’11 agreed and said that when someone says something inappropriate, she points it out. Programming Board Director Amani Edwards’12 noted that a lot of people are aware that what they are doing is inappropriate. However, Youngblood believes that inappropriate words are not always pointed out and students aren’t challenged enough.

Youngblood has a goal of inclusive excellence at Beloit, in which common courtesy and respect for each other is the norm.

During body wrap, Vice President Rich Steffensmeier’13 announced that next week’s meeting will be special and celebrate Bill Flanagan’s departure from the position of Dean of Students and appointment as Executive Adviser to the President. The meeting will be held in the Presidential Lounge in Commons instead of Mathers in Pearsons. Preceding the meeting, there will be an ice cream social at 5:30 on the Chapin Quad.

Erik Binter’14 passed around a petition for keeping the Sports Center Dance Studio open instead of making it into office space.

In the business section, the impeachment and election bylaws were passed.

Halvensleben presented a proposal for CollegiateLink, which would cost $8,000 from the emergency fund. Halvensleben said CollegiateLink “functions like Facebook for student activities.” Each club has its own page. Students will be able to do many things, including register their clubs, submit BelFAST proposals, and advertise events. Also, there would be a calendar that could include all club events and parties in one central location.

Halvensleben suggested BeloitLink (or BLink) and Connect@Beloit as possible names for the site. The body voted for BeloitLink, though most people agreed that students would commonly refer to the site as BLink. Halvensleben commented that she could imagine students saying, “BLink it.” The name and $8,000 was approved.



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