In Case You Wanted to Know…Fun Facts about Theta Pi Gamma

By Sarah Dickinson

Theta is the oldest women’s organization in Wisconsin — founded in 1896.
The first seven women on the Beloit College campus founded Theta Pi Gamma.
In 1962 Theta disengaged from our national sorority, Delta Gamma, whom we had been part of since 1922, because Theta wanted to initiate a black pledge named Patricia Hamilton, whom Delta Gamma would not recognize. Theta initiated Patricia anyway.
Since Theta withdrew from Delta Gamma the sisters have vowed never to go national again so that we can operate our organization based on our own ideals and morals.
Theta Pi Gamma is currently completely self-governing and independent of any national sorority.

Current Thetas are from: Oswego, Ill., Cincinnati, Ohio, Warren, Conn., San Francisco, Calif., Chicago, Edwardsville, Ill., Dallas, Texas, Mt. Pleasant, Mich., Portland, Ore., Port Washington, N.Y., Urbana, Ill., Winchester, Mass., Newport, Ore., Hancock, Mich., Pescadero, Calif., Madison, Wis., Waldport, Ore., Wheaton, Ill., Beloit, Wis., Oconomowoc, Wis., Milwaukee, Wis., St Paul, Minn., Silver Spring, Md.

Current Thetas are Majoring in: Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Literary Studies, Political Science, Chemistry, French, Health and Society, Spanish, Psychology, Environmental Biology, Studio Art, Theatre, Biology, History, Geology, Economics and Management, Dance, African Studies, Creative Writing, Journalism, Environmental Geology, Russian, Modern Languages, Creative Writing, Primary Education, Secondary Education, International Relations

Outside of Theta Pi Gamma, Current Thetas are Involved in: costume shop, Stateline Literacy Council, writing center tutor, intramural Frisbee, Upward Bound, waitressing at Bushel and Peck, teaching assistant, tour guide, ISEP Student Ambassador, volunteer at Beloit Memorial Hospital, varsity track & field, vice president of French Club, varsity tennis, varsity softball, WBCR, Boating Club, Advocates for Choice, The Round Table, treasurer of BSAAC, varsity swimming, dance, Girls and Women in Science, BUFF, varsity volleyball, Voodoo Barbie, varsity soccer, intramural volleyball, intramural soccer, resident assistant, Rho Lambda, Mortar Board and more

Thetas Give Symposiums:
Fall ‘08 Anna Wolf
Fall ‘09 Sarah Dickinson Kate Carroll
Fall ‘10 Jenny Gilbertson Brianna Berkowitz(2) Anna Wolf
Spring ‘10 Tess Jacquez
Spring ‘11 Sarah Dickinson Jenny Gilbertson Megan Mineau Camden Stuebe

90% of Thetas NEVER thought they would join a sorority, but now that they are involved in Theta they think…
“Theta is a second family. We support each other when times are hard and celebrate together when things go well. Theta is everything you love about your biological family, and nothing that you don’t. It is a diverse and ever-changing makeup of women who are all complete individuals, but at the same time, part of something so much bigger”
“Theta is entirely populated with girls who completely defy the sorority girl stereotype. Every single girl is wonderfully unique, both at first glance and especially once you get to know them. It gave me the opportunity to get to know so many girls I never would have met otherwise, and each and every one of them has more personality in her little finger than most people have in their entire bodies. Knowing them is loving them, and they’re worth more money than could ever be paid.”
“Theta is a great way of being exposed to the multifaceted diversity that Beloit prides itself in so much”
“I never thought in a million years I would join Greek life. I had serious pre-conceived notions about it, but I wanted to join a new organization to meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise at Beloit. Everyone in Theta is different. They have different interests, are involved in different things, and have different groups of friends. Bringing all these people together has allowed me to meet tons of people who bring new perspectives. Now Theta to me is about friendship, loyalty and support. Every time I go to Theta I know that I am guaranteed to have a good time. I hope every time I go there that I can give back everything I get from it. Theta is a group of charismatic, self-assured, strong women. Theta is about community, friendship, and fun. I have never been part of such a supportive organization in my life”
“Theta is awesome because aside from my non-Greek friends, it is a safe haven to have fun and be myself. It motivates and encourages me to involve myself in many on campus and off campus opportunities. It’s a home away from home both literally and figuratively.”
“The fact that it is so intertwined with the history of Beloit College itself only adds to the awesomeness. It is truly something special to be able to say that I am a member of the oldest all-women organization on campus. We were a sorority before Wisconsin was a state!”
“Theta has helped me become more accepting, open, and tolerant in immeasurable ways. I have grown so much as a person since joining Theta, and it has helped me to love the person that I am and, in turn, share that love with others. I have never experienced anything as positive or encouraging as the support and love of my sisters, and I think that we should be nothing but proud of our history and accomplishments”

I have had the privilege of being a part of Theta Pi Gamma for all four years at Beloit, so I am the most informed about this particular Greek organization. I am personally so proud to be a Theta Pi Gamma. However, I am sure that Kappa Delta, AST, Phi Psi, Sig Chi and TKE are full of members who are just as unique and involved.



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