BSC Report: Textbook Rental! CELEB! Bylaws!

By Kathleen Hansen

This week’s Beloit Student Congress meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. According to the poll given to determine attendance, the body’s favorite color is “no.” Mary Ghitelman’13 made her usual reminder about bringing cups to Milkshake Monday, especially because it is Earth Week. Jennie Hartzheim reminded students that the deadline to turn in receipts for reimbursement is April 28.

Before the student forum, the manager of Turtle Creek Bookstore, Peter Fronk, addressed the body. A textbook renting program will be launched next fall. Around 20-25% of the textbooks will be available for rental.

Economics professor and director of CELEB Jerry Gustafson addressed the body for student forum. As an opening remark, he commented that he sat in the body’s position 40 years ago and “it [has] changed less than you might have guessed.”

Gustafson noted that CELEB is an abbreviation of the word “celebrity.” However, at Beloit it is an acronym which means the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit. He said that CELEB provides distinctive opportunities not available to students at other colleges.

CELEB is located in downtown Beloit in between Suds O’Hanahan’s and Denali’s. CELEB includes the student-run Gallery ABBA, Maple Tree Recording Studio, Beloit Access Television, and the Coleman Foundation Business Incubator.

Gustafson spoke about the different ways to get involved with CELEB. Students interested in showing their work at Gallery ABBA should contact Neal Conway’12. For the rest of the semester, there is Music@CELEB on Saturdays at 7. Students who want to perform should contact Ari Weil’11 or Nate Whitley’11. The first step to starting a business with CELEB is writing a proposal. Once the proposal gets approved, the student has access to office space at CELEB.

Gustafson explained that employers are impressed by students running a business more than a high GPA (“Everyone gets an A in econ,” he said).

After the break, the meeting re-convened at 8:02 p.m. During body wrap, Assistant Treasurer Alicia Halvensleben’11 talked about the new Internet bandwidth. During evening hours, some of the bandwidth will be for the academic side in order to accommodate night classes and the library. Halvensleben reassured the body that the bandwidth for the residential side will increase from what it is currently. Beloit has done everything it can do for the new internet bandwidth; it is just a matter of the company flipping the switch.

Changes to the Club Oversight Organization bylaws were approved. If a club gains full status after the budget process has begun, the club will propose a budget to COO. The budget will be taken from the New Club Fund.

James McQuaid’11 presented impeachment bylaws. They will be voted on next week.

Vice President Rich Steffensmeier’13 presented a letter arguing against the Assembly Bill. The body voted to sign the letter.

Lastly, there was an election for Executive Board Representative. Alice Mitchell’13 ran unopposed and received an unanimous placard vote of affirmation.



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