Boob Dylan

By Steven Jackson

Perhaps you’ve seen them at a C-Haus show, pounding away at their instruments while the crowd bounces along to the bygone strains of preteendom. Maybe you saw them at Spring Day, spitting fire and life into an otherwise overcast, tomblike day. Or maybe you don’t know whom I’m talking about.

Well, read on and you shall enter the world of Boob Dylan, Beloit’s one and only Blink-182 cover band. Boob Dylan is a senior trio consisting of Sam Isenstein on guitar and vocals, Mike Dehn on bass and vocals, and Ben Erickson on drums. This week I had the chance to sit down for an intimate Gmail discussion with Sam and Mike and learn a little something about the band (Ben could not be reached via email, and phones frighten this reporter).

Round Table: How and when did the band get started?

Mike Dehn: The whole idea to start a Blink-182 cover band was originally tossed around when Sam and I were first-years. Being the procrastinators that we are, it took about three and a half years for us to get around to actually form the group and practice.

Sam Isenstein: I guess we started after winter break.

RT: Why Blink-182?

SI: We feel that it best sums up our maturity and conduct.  The music speaks to us on a proto-human level.  Also, I peaked in 5th grade and can’t seem to let that one go.

MD: That was Sam’s idea, and the idea of covering one of your favorite bands from adolescence promises a lot of fun.

RT: Which Blink-182 member do you most identify with/would like to be stuck a desert island with/would procreate with?

SI: Mark Hoppus.  I want him to record an audiobook of ‘The Road’ and read me excerpts of his choosing.  Actually, I’d probably stab any of ‘em, to be honest.

RT: Why does Sam always bleed at your concerts?

SI: Because I have the soul of a warrior but the shell of a delicate flower. Hibiscus specifically.  I also bruise easily, but well.

MD: Good question, but there’s enough blood on the front of the Fender Strat he uses to clone him most likely.

RT: What has been your best show?

SI: The house basement show was awesome, but our best slash most polished show was the first one at the C-Haus. We opened for Black Led and then they came on and killed it. Been downhill since then in terms of song retention.

RT: Your worst?

SI: We’ve only played three. Four? I don’t know if ‘worst’ is the right word, but yesterday (Spring Day) was definitely interesting.

RT: How often do you practice?

MD: We don’t practice all that much, about twice a week maybe, each for less than an hour. I guess we’re more concerned with just having fun with what we do rather then being perfectionists.

SI: Seldom, but we make up for it with panache.

RT: Any more shows before graduation?

SI: Nope! Senior week for sure though.



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