Tonight Show Comedian in Java Joint this Saturday!

This Saturday, April 16, at 9pm, comedian Michael Palascak (PAL-a-sack) will be giving a special stand-up performance in Java Joint. Michael, a 20-something comedian from the Midwest, draws from his lifelong experiences of living at home with his parents, dorm life, and frequent trips to the local Dunkin’ Donuts.

Michael’s likeable, innocent persona allows audiences to really appreciate the simple humor in their own lives…and also to laugh a lot. Michael has performed at clubs and colleges all around the country. He has also trained in sketch and improv classes at The Second City in Chicago, iO, and Annoyance Theater, where he debuted his one-person sketch show Pursuing Happiness: A bunch of scenes about people that moved out of their parents’ house, got a real job, and got married. Performed by a guy who didn’t. His many recent television appearances have included Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, The Tonight Show, and the Late Show with David Letterman.

Opening the show on Saturday will be Beloit College student comedian Jacob Williams, who recently performed in Las Vegas on two different Showtime special tapings this year, with performers including Pauly Shore, Nick Cannon, Tom Green and Andy Dick. The show on Saturday is free and open to students, staff and friends of Beloit College, and is made possible by Programming Board.



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