Beyond the Bubble: April 15, 2011

By Hana Skoblow

A radical Salafist group in the Gaza Strip has begun taking victims. The body of an Italian activist known for supporting Palestine was found dead on April 13, just hours after being kidnapped. He was abducted to spur the release of the radical group’s leader, who has been in prison for almost a month. One arrest has been confirmed and other suspects are being pursued,

The odd pairing of Larry Flynt, the mind behind Hustler, and Dr. David Eisenbach of the history department at Columbia University teamed up to write a book, newly available on, entitled “One Nation Under Sex.” The book details the sex lives of U.S. presidents (and wives) from James Buchanan’s suspected gay love affair to the many conquests of Dolly Madison and, of course, the obvious subjects of Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy.

Some men are proud of their penises, and some men are really proud. The late Pall Arason has just donated his pecker to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, becoming the first human to successfully donate to the cause. The museum houses penises of more than 200 different specimens. “Members” include a 67-inch sperm whale penis and lampshades fashioned from bull testicles.

The drinking culture of Washington State may be significantly different by September 2012. A bill written by Costco and sponsored by the state’s senator Tim Sheldon would award liquor licenses only to retailers in spaces larger than 9,000 feet, removing the privilege from most gas stations and convenience stores. The bill was created to decrease the occurrence of underage and on-the-road drinking.

Source: BBC, Nerve, Google News, Slog



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