Viral Video Review

By Bert Connelly

Baby Not Allowed To Love The Yankees

We live in a world where good rarely triumphs over evil. This is a video, which not only exhibits phenomenal parenting, also puts the evil empire, and all evil, in its place. It’s not often that the Internet makes me cry (lie), but this video does the trick. Seriously, I haven’t cried that much since I saw “My Dog Skip” (not a lie, that movie is sad as sh*t).

Yes, Obama has a computer

This is from some weird interview on some weird network called “Noticias Univision.” The dude asking the question asks the dude who runs our country if he has a computer. Obama says, “Yes” then mocks third world countries, the bartering system and all people who don’t live in white houses. What a douche, am I right?

Incredibly Thought-Provoking Internet PSA

Ever have those horrible memories that you have kept hidden from the world and yourself until now? Ever have those same memories awakened by a video on the Internet? Ever seen a guy wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt? Ok. I have to go.



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