The Where’s Waldo? challenge at the Logan Museum

By Elizabeth Crea

A new project to increase student attendance at the Logan Museum features a well known icon and a real life search for him. The Where’s Waldo? project, created by senior Foster Silva, is a quest for “the world’s most famous hipster” amidst the museum’s collection. Silva, a museum studies minor, created this project to attract more student visitors and encourage them to view the exhibits outside of the classroom. The results of a survey sent out as a part of this project showed that the majority of students visit the Logan on class trips or as a part of the “Cultural Approaches to Math” course. One survey answer states, “There is the feeling that many students have not taken advantage of the museum, they seem unaware of other things besides the pots and baskets.”

In an effort to increase student interest, Silva created the Where’s Waldo? challenge, in which a small cardboard cutout of Waldo is hidden amongst the exhibits. If you visit the museum and find Waldo, you can enter a raffle and win a prize. Waldo’s location is changed every week, which gives students more reason to visit. “With the Where’s Waldo? books, people get to travel the world just by looking for him on paper. But here, they can actually travel the world all in room.”

Another ongoing project developed by Silva is the “Check This Out” exhibit, which features artifacts that students may be surprised to find in our collection. “Featured right now is a Moche pot that depicts a sex scene, as well as an Indonesian wooden figure depicting an erotic act between a man and a woman.” This exhibit’s displays are changed each week, and Silva soon plans to display swords from different cultures.

The Logan Museum is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. If you would like to participate in the Where’s Waldo? game, visit during these hours to look for him. If you find Waldo, fill out a form provided by the desk attendant. Your findings will be entered in a raffle and a drawing will take place every Friday to determine the winner each week. The prize will be a gift card to Nikki’s Café. This is an ongoing project which will run until the end of the semester.



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