The Anonymous Concerned Students for Policy Change

IMAGE BY KELLY ALLEN. Bell struck by shocking flier.

By Justin Williams, Erin Watson, Max Olin, BreAnn McCord, Roland Malivert, Cameron Cook and Kelly Allen

On Monday, our group, under the pseudonym “Concerned Students for Policy Change,” posted the n-word on flyers around campus. Some members of the Beloit College community have been upset that this was done anonymously because they wanted the specific names of those whom they could direct questions and concerns. Our anonymity was purposeful; our group wanted the flyers, and more specifically the word, to provoke conversation and thought about our campus environment and our use of language.

While were are a specific group of students, we are by no means alone in our concerns, which is why our actions have been signed on behalf of all Concerned Students. We hoped that students, staff and faculty, having had time to think about and digest the action, would be able to more critically formulate their concerns and questions. At the same time, we have been silently listening to the dialogue occurring on campus so that we may be better able to address the issues you will bring before us now that our names are attached to the project. Our intention all along was to provide you with names later in the week, but we wanted to promote the importance of the issue by letting it stand on its own for a few days.

We are looking to create a healthier, safer campus climate for all of those who work at or attend this school. Part of that, we feel, is creating a policy that addresses issues of verbal discrimination of all types, whether they be based on religion, race, sexual identification, orientation or other.  Such a policy will help create an environment in which we are sensitive to and accountable for our language and our actions. For those who would like to join in the project, have questions or concerns or would just like more information, please come talk to us. We will be addressing these issues in a forum in the upcoming week or two. While we welcome the individual dialogue, we feel it is most important to target these questions at our community and at ourselves.



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