Beyond the Bubble: April 8

By Kate Flynn

Phillip Greaves, author of “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct,” pleaded no-contest to criminal charges this week in exchange for two years’ probation. The book, which talks about safe sex and avoiding injury to children, as well as teaching children how to lie to their parents, sparked controversy last year when thousands of people threatened to boycott for selling the book. It was removed from the website in November.

8-year-old Aidan Elliott was pepper-sprayed by police at his Colorado elementary school on Feb. 22 following unruly conduct in a classroom. Teachers called the police after Elliott shouted expletives and threatened them before class started for the day. When officers arrived, Elliott was wielding a foot-long piece of wooden trim with a sharp end and a cardboard box. When they couldn’t get him to calm down, they hit the side of his face with pepper spray. When his mother arrived on the scene and he told her what had happened, she was quoted as saying, “Well, you probably deserved it.”

A Maryland man found himself stuck to a Wal-Mart toilet seat after an unknown perpetrator doused the seat with glue as a supposed April Fool’s Day prank. It took responders 15 minutes to remove the victim from the stall, but they were unable to disconnect the toilet seat from his body. He was taken to the hospital, where the seat was detached. He left with only minor injuries to his buttocks.

Sources: CNN, Yahoo! News



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