Shebros Round Paper

By The Shebros and One Hebro

Since the shebros are queens of bell runs, then it is only appropriate for them to provide a comprehensive list of “do”s and “don’t”s for the whole campus to religiously follow in their pursuit of better, more entertaining bell runs.

What not to do on a bell run:

Do a bell run from Theta porch during a rush event

Run toward security

Ride piggyback with an unshaven vagina

Mix with saran wrap — oops?

Run by Steve Wright’s office while he’s doing work

Do one during parent’s weekend

Leave clothes in front of a fraternity house when it’s icy

What to do on a bell run:

Go on a bell run

Run by the lady walking her three dogs

Always accessorize

Run through through the Outdoor Environmental Club’s (OEC) back yard because you will get a nail through your loafer

Run with Sam Filmore

Do a bell marathon

Do a bell stroll

Do one during parent’s weekend

Wear shoes

Pee in, around and near the bell

Many thanks to the shebros:

Sarah Dickinson

Kate Flynn

Liz Haan

Emily Foubert

Signe Midelfort-Vognar

Kira Bradford

Amelia Buzzell

Molly O’Brian

Lizzi Belmont

Jenna Murphy Judelson

And one hebro:

Jeremy Cornelius



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