Beloit Help Yourself Program

Beloit Help Yourself Program

“Beloit Help Yourself Program”

Beloit College has a program going on that’s called the Help Yourself Program, where kids from all ages can help themselves. On Mondays, McNeel Middle School has tutoring for kids that need it. There is tutoring at Aldrich Middle School on Tuesdays. Students from both schools are picked up by the same bus on Thursdays and brought to the college for a workshop. Every Thursday they do something — from sports to movies to science to art. Every week the kids are shown different things they can do to have a good future. The tutors make a difference in their community by helping the kids. They are dedicated to what they do. The parents and children do not pay for anything even though the college gives the kids drinks and snacks. The program leads into the summer for more fun.

by Jason Hughes

Viral Video Reviews —

Video reviewed: “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson

In it Keri Hilson is saying how beautiful she is. OMG I love this song. In the video she was dancing around and wearing really awesome clothes.

by Kihya McDowell

Video Reviewed: “Holla at Me” by Chris Brown and Tyga

I saw Chris Brown dancing with Tyga, and they were singing about a girl. I think the video was hot (lol), but it was not the best I’ve ever seen. Tyga and Chris Brown are fine to me. They work out and are fine. Lil’ Wayne is my favorite artist though — because he’s cute, can rap, and has got a pretty swag. Also, because he wears skinny jeans.

by Goldie Evans

“Packers Win the Superbowl”

On Feb. 6th, the Packers beat the Steelers in Dallas, TX, 31-25. The Steelers did not play the game the way they wanted to. The Packers were humble and they watched what the Steelers did closely. The Packers won with MVP quarterback Aaron Rogers only in his second starting year. Key players of the game were Aaron Rogers, Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Greg Jennings, AJ Hawk and Ben Roethlisberger.

We felt very confident that the Packers were going to win, because the Packers had been playing good the whole game. We felt even more confident because of Aaron Rogers and AJ Hawk. Rogers was giving really good passes, and he had good receivers and linemen also.

by David Carlos, Gerardo Badillo, and Brandon Wertham

An A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) machine, “Watson,” created by I.B.M., beat humans on the show Jeopardy on Wednesday evening. Watson won against two human contestants — Ken Jennings who had won 74 games in a row, and Mr. Rutter. The robot is a question answering machine, which humans have struggled to create over the years.

The robot had a lead from beginning to end, as people had expected. But Watson had a small malfunction. On a question he answered, “What is Toronto????” He was not damaged but had an overload of information. Even still, Watson is a starting point for a great future of robots.

by Viet Vo

Manama, Bahrain — The military of Bahrain had to take over when the police had to open fire against protestors in Pearl Square with birdshot, rubber bullets and tear gas to control them. The protestors were demanding their country to adopt democracy. When the military took control of the city the mob went from peaceful to angry as they began to shout threats. The military had to use tanks and heavily armed soldiers to maximize safety while the Parliament demanded the government to step down.

The army took control of the city, except the hospital, because the police shot at the pro-democracy demonstrators in the streets. Three people died because of bullets in the chest, arms and sides, and one man’s head was split in half. 226 demonstrators were recognized as being treated in the hospital, helped and given supplies.

by Bailey Schroeder and Abigail Paiges



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