BSC Report: Budget! Impeachment! Elections!

By Steven Jackson

As usual, Beloit Student Congress was called to order this Monday at 7 p.m. To kick things off, James Mcquaid’11 announced that BSC is currently accepting applications for treasurer or assistant. He beseeched anyone, anyone at all, to run for either of the positions. A representative from Japan Club announced that the club will be raising money to support relief efforts in Japan in the weeks ahead. Mary Ghitelman’13 of SPIEL made her weekly appeal for students to bring their own cups to Milkshake Monday. I made a mental note to finally go to said event and take advantage of delicious free milkshakes on campus.

Committee reports were rather dull this week, since practically everyone was away from campus for spring break.

For student forum this week, the Budget Committee presented the proposed BSC budget for the 2011-2012 academic year. The budget consists of approximately 1190 Student Activities Fees at $115 per semester. Next year’s budget totals $273,700, and goes toward campus clubs, Student Activities funds, BelFast, Programming Board, and other miscellaneous management funds.

Most clubs either kept the same funding or had their funding decreased. French Club and Model United Nations experienced the biggest cuts, with $800 and $850 decreases, respectively. The only clubs to get budget increases were Academic Team and WBCR. Academic Team climbed from $100 to $400, and WBCR went from $8500 to $12000.

The BelFAST budget got a $2100 increase for off-campus event funding, bringing BelFAST’s total to $60,000. Of that funding, $26,000 is for on-campus events and $33,000 is for off-campus events. In other news, C-Haus is getting an $830 boost in operating funds, and the Folk & Blues budget got a $2000 increase. Fiscal policies will remain the same for the next academic year.

In the interest of time, the break was waived and we steamed ahead to Body Wrap. Body Wrap featured a rousing round of compliments. First up was Jennie Hartzheim, lauded for “being awesome.” Hartzheim replied by praising the Budget Committee and highlighting the hours of hard work spent on preparing next year’s budget. Next up was brand new Communications Coordinator David Feldman’12, who was congratulated for his work on the BSC sign outside of Pearsons. It was informative, eye-catching, and free-standing in the face of bitter spring winds.

In Body Power, James McQuaid’11 presented changes to the impeachment bylaws, rules that govern the investigation and removal of BSC officers. Impeachment can now be initiated by a formal declaration to BSC rather than a petition. Language was also cleaned up for clarity, with “referendum” being replaced with “campus-wide vote.”

The next order of business was the election of a new Executive Board Representative, who attends both Executive Board meetings and BSC general meetings and facilitates communication between the board and the student body. The new representative will work alongside current representative Lucile Tepsa’14. For several minutes after the call for nominations, silence dominated the room. Ari Jacobs’12 was nominated, thought about it briefly, and respectfully declined. In a stunning turn of events, Kyle Schwab’13 received a nomination, accepted it, and ran unopposed all the way to sweet victory. Remember a few weeks ago, when Tepsa beat Schwab for this very same position? Now it seems the two of them will be working together. It’s like the premise for a buddy cop movie: two rivals on the force–polar opposites, wacky personalities, and stubborn to the core–paired up by the salty yet fatherly police chief (played by Gentry Tran’12 in this scenario) to investigate a crime ring or a slew of murders in the city. Keep an eye out for this dynamic duo. Hilarity will ensue.

The meeting was adjourned at about 7:45. In other news, later that evening I made good on my promise to attend Milkshake Monday. I received my first ever SPIEL chocolate shake, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Next time (and there certainly will be a next time, just so long as BSC meetings continue being short and sweet) I promise I will bring my own cup.



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