WBCR Show of the Week: Chicken n Gritz is Better Than This

Maggie Thulson ‘13 & Grace Graham ‘13 hosts of this week’s WBCR Show of the Week

By Grace Graham &  Maggie Thulson

Chicken n Gritz is Better Than This…show. But only if you’re eating grits in the company of chickens, because surely that would be more fun than most things! But if you don’t have chickens AND grits at the same time, you can supplement by listening to Dill and Crane’s radio show. We’ll play songs, read poems and stories, and talk about a new theme each week. Sometimes our theme is space. Sometimes it’s bears. One time it was Ireland. Next time, who knows?! Tune in every Tuesday at 5! We’ll bring the chicken; you bring the gritz!



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