BSC Report: McNair! SSS! Jump Ropes!

By Steven Jackson

Beloit Student Congress was gaveled to order shortly after 7 p.m. this Monday. For the announcements portion of the evening’s events, student entrepreneur Ben Robinson’12 advertised for his grassroots snack business. Robinson sells his candy and soft drinks outside of BSC meetings and he also offers room service. Following the theme of sweet things you put in your mouth, a Milkshake Monday representative suggested that patrons of the weekly event bring their own cups to cut back on waste.

Club Oversight Organization approved Ballroom Dance Team for trial status. Residential Life Committee discussed future campus renovation ideas and gender-neutral housing. Student Policy Committee spent the bulk of their meeting last week discussing the alcohol policy.  “Overdrinking is to the extent that we have to reconsider out alcohol policy and philosophy,” said committee chair Evan Staff. Staff encouraged students to get involved in the discussion by attending Student Policy Committee meetings on Wednesdays at 5:30 in Mathers.

Student forum featured Amani Edwards’12 and Dominique Clayton’12, who presented on the McNair Scholars Program. The McNair Program, founded in memory of African American physicist and astronaut Ronald Edwin McNair, helps students from underrepresented segments of society achieve graduate degrees. Beloit College is one of the few liberal arts schools to offer the program. Edwards and Clayton, focusing on modern languages and psychology, respectively, will spend next summer conducting research as part of the program.

Nate Edwards’02, a Beloit alumnus and former McNair Scholar, then presented on Student Support Services (SSS), a Beloit College program that often goes unnoticed on campus. SSS is one of Beloit’s three federally funded TRiO programs. SSS serves first-generation college students, those from a modest income background, and students with disabilities. About 125 Beloit College students use the program. SSS aims for an 80% graduation rate for participating students, and it has been more than successful. “We’ve been in the mid-to-high 90s for 30 years,” said Edwards.

Following student forum, we had a short break, at which point I ate a delicious black bean burger and some Garden Salsa Sun Chips. After eating most of my burger, break was over and Body Wrap/Power commenced. Nothing happened. I finished my black bean burger.

The first item of business was a Buncha-K proposal amendment from the Beloit Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. The proposal, which has already been approved, is for about $8,000 of athletic equipment in the Sports Center. In light of pricing changes, this amendment decreases the original proposal by one dollar and adds extra equipment–including jump ropes and a state-of-the-art jump rope rack for said jump ropes. The amendment was approved, and I for one am looking forward to getting my swell on, pumping mad reps and jumping mad ropes once the new equipment arrives.

The next and final item of business was the proposed batch of election bylaw changes. According to the changes, candidate platforms will be limited to 200 words, and applications will be collected solely by email. The changes will be voted on next meeting.

With the sweet, sweet promise of next week’s election bylaw changes hanging in the air, the meeting was adjourned. I ate the rest of my Sun Chips.



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