Who the Buc Are You: Terence Steward


By Zoe Matthews

Who the Buc Are You is a weekly segment dedicated to helping the student body learn a little more about the athletes among us. This week the Round Table sat down with Terence Steward, ’12, a Health and Society and Education major from Tampa and member of the track and football teams.

Round Table: How long have you been involved with track and football?

Terence Steward: I’ve been doing track since I was six and football since I was seven. I come from a very athletic family, so sports were always a given. I also played baseball and did gymnastics for a few years.

RT: What are the best and worst parts of track and football?

TS: The worst part of track is practice. I hate practice. Hate’s too strong a word; I really dislike practice. I love competing in the meets but I dislike practice. As for football, I hate running. I guess that’s pretty ironic for a running back but it’s true. Honestly, I wish Beloit had a gymnastics team. I would drop both sports in a heartbeat for gymnastics. It’s the peak of athletic skill. I love showing off, not in a conceited way – I just loving being the center of attention and gymnastics is good for that.

RT: Are you involved in anything else on campus?

TS: I just started doing Help Yourself and I’m really enjoying it. I love kids, which is why I’m majoring in education, so it’s a great opportunity to work with them. I also try to go to as many club meetings as possible but it’s difficult because track and football keep me busy year-round. I’m in BSU and Fellowship of Christian Athletes; FCA is interesting, though, since most people know about it and there’s such a resistance to religion at this school.

RT: What’s your favorite food you can get on campus?

TS: Java Joint blueberry muffins. They’re always good and moist. I wonder where they get them! They must not bake them here. Every time I buy one I’m done eating it in the time it takes to leave Java Joint.

RT: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

TS: Orbing. In the show “Charmed,” orbing is when angels disappear and then reappear somewhere else to help people in need. I would love to be able to do that; I don’t like waiting, so being able to spontaneously want to go somewhere and then immediately be there would be awesome.

RT: Do you have a favorite kind of pet?

TS: It’s pretty traditional, but my roommate and I really want to get a dog. I would always love to have a dog; a small one, probably, but if it was a big one then I’d want an Akita or a Siberian Husky for sure.

RT: Are there any parting thoughts you would like to share with the readers of the roundtable?

TS: Yes. I want everyone to know that I love my brothers Brian Maughn and Bryan Fayer very, very, very much.



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