Beloit Student Congress Report February 14: Film! Music! Haircuts!

by Steven Jackson

Beloit Student Congress hit the ground running Monday night with a rousing round of announcements. Anthony Bostler’13 informed the body that Presidential Scholars’ Weekend is coming up, and about 180 prospective students (known on the street as “prospies”) will be on campus this coming Friday and Saturday. “Please don’t give them alcohol, drugs, and don’t perform sexual intercourse with them,” he said. “Seriously, they’re minors.”

The next announcement blew Bostler’s plea for purity out of the water. “Ben Schechter cut off all his hair!” someone proclaimed. The entire room exploded in a breathy poof of surprise. Homework was halted mid-page, and every DK’s dinner stopped dead in mid-chew. We all craned our necks to see the freshly shorn Schechter, but he was suspiciously absent.

Obviously, this was a tough act to follow for committee reports. In the last week, the Club Oversight Organization approved Museum Club, Programming Board discussed electing a new member, and Food Committee talked to Chef Peter about fair trade coffee in Java Joint and Commons.

With the first two segments of the evening done with, we rolled forward to student forum. C-Haus manager Sean Keith’11 informed students about programming at C-Haus. Country rock group Horseshoes and Hand Grenades will play on Friday, and Saturday will feature the ever-popular Zoo Animal with DJ B-Lo spinning after their set. The C-Haus still has about three open weekend slots this semester. Anyone interested in scheduling a show can reach Keith or Jack Katz’11 via campus email. In other news, Keith hopes to start a pool tournament soon.

Next, Beth Ames’12 gave a short presentation on the Beloit International Film Festival. This year’s festival features over 100 films from 38 countries. As in years past, the college is highly involved with the festival: Chinese filmmaker Xiao-Yen Wang will present on campus, and films by the students of professor Debra Majeed will be featured over the weekend. Films are showing from Thursday 17th through Sunday 20th at venues off and on campus.

Jamie Norton’12 then presented her documentary “Teen Pregnancy: Brenda Macais,” which tells the story of local teen mom Brena Macais and discusses teen pregnancy rates in Beloit. The film explores the teen pregnancy “epidemic,” drawing from interviews with local high school teachers and students, community members, and Beloit College students. The documentary is featured in BIFF this year.

Thus concluded the student forum. Seeing as there was no business on the agenda, Vice President Rich Steffensmeier’13 moved to waive the break. The motion was heartily seconded and we plowed ahead into Body Power and Body Wrap.

In Body Power, Shane Donnelly’12 of Music Club moved to amend the club’s previously approved drum set proposal, shaving $100 off of the pricetag. The amendment was painlessly approved and Body Wrap commenced. (Please note: Body Wrap differs from “announcements,” I am told, in that students can say anything at all in this portion of the meeting. Whereas “announcements” is reserved for announcement-grade declarations, Body Wrap is the time for babbling and chatter.) We got off to a quiet start, but soon enough someone piped up, “How do we get better IDs?”

John Winkelmann, sitting in his usual southwest corner of the room, was apparently feeling sassy this evening and responded, “Pay more money.”

On that note, the meeting came to close, and everyone left Pearsons better for the experience.



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