Who the Buc Are You?

By Zoe Matthews

Who the Buc Are You is a weekly segment dedicated to helping the student body learn a little more about the athletes among us. This week The Round Table sat down with Andrew Christensen ’11, a Health and Society major from Janesville, Wis. and wide receiver/running back on the football team. He holds Beloit’s all-time record in kickoff return yardage.

Round Table: You’ve had a pretty impressive career on Beloit’s football team. What is your proudest accomplishment in your time here?
Andrew Christensen: This last year I was nominated for the All-America team and I’m really proud of that. Otherwise, I think making it through four years without serious injury is a pretty big accomplishment. … Except for the concussion I got last semester. I had to miss two games.
RT: What were the best and worst parts about playing football at Beloit?
AC: The best part was the getting to play the games. The worst part was missing games. There really were no bad things about it; I tried to have a pretty positive outlook.
RT: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
AC: I’m in Sigma Chi. It’s a house full of dudes, so it’s pretty fun all the time. I grew up with three brothers so I’m used to being in a house full of dudes. But I also have a sister. And a corgi. My friend and I are also having a radio show this semester. We haven’t worked the details out yet, but it will be on Wednesday nights.
RT: If you had to be a conjoined twin with any person, living or dead, who would it be?
AC: Probably someone whose life would be made really difficult by having a conjoined twin. Like Bear Grylls. I would just be hanging off his side while he survived in the wild. I could help him out of the tough spots I guess. Or maybe David Blaine. Do you have any other fun questions?
RT: Okay, what’s your idea of the perfect date?
AC: The moon. That’s all I’ve come up with so far. The first part of the date would be inventing a way to breathe on the moon and then finding a way to get there. That would be the gift to my date: breathing on the moon. And my date would be Barb Cavanagh.
RT: Do you have a favorite place to eat in Beloit?
AC: I really like The Rock. It has a dock and I have a boat so I’d love to row up to it. That would probably be a more realistic perfect date, but I would have to row about a mile upriver.
RT: You’re getting ready to graduate in May; do you have any big plans yet for life after Beloit?AC: I’ve applied to grad school in California for industrial psychology. I’m interested in positive psychology; making work more enjoyable for people in big companies would be rewarding.RT: Do you have any advice for younger students?

AC: Take advantage of all the stuff. There are a ton of opportunities here. Live it up, and do the work.



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