BSC Report

By Steven Jackson

Beloit Student Congress was called to order promptly at 7:02 p.m. this Monday. Those neat little clickers–perhaps my favorite part of BSC–were malfunctioning, so we kicked it old school with placard voting.

Committee reports provided a torrent of information: Club Oversight Organization granted full club status to Academic Team; Programming Board planned film screenings and upcoming Java Joint events; and Student Policy Committee proposed small changes to the academic honesty policy, to be voted on next week at Academic Senate.

The student forum featured three guest speakers. First, Beloit College football coaches Michael Wilson and Sam Perryman presented on their “Spring Projects” series, consisting of four parts. The first component is a study skills series held on Wednesday nights in the Center for the Sciences. The coaches will also host a health and wellness workshop to educate non-athletes on safe, healthy, and effective workout methods (held in the Sports Center, time TBA). The third part of the series is a workshop on translating athletic skills to your resume. The fourth and final facet is a “stress relief” series of weekend social events in February and March. Wilson and Perryman are open to student suggestions.

Presenting next was Mike Perry, fund developer for Community Action. Community Action is a regional non-profit addressing a number of social issues in Rock County and beyond. A Beloiter born and raised, Perry characterized Beloit as a “small community with larger problems.” Those problems include drug trafficking and youth homelessness, among other things.

Perry called for Beloit students to break out of their campus routine and engage with the community. “If you want to see what the wider world looks like day to day, it’s in your best interest [to volunteer],” he said. To get involved with Community Action or another local organization, contact the Liberal Arts in Practice Center at, or the Campus and Community Outreach Center at

Following the forum, Body Wrap and Body Power took place with little consequence, save for a plea that people stop doing homework at BSC, for the love of God.

With that over and done with, the first and only order of business on the agenda was the election of a new Executive Board Representative. Hannah Tepsa’14 and Kyle Schwab’13 both ran for the position. Louis Demarco’13 was also nominated and considered it for a moment, but ultimately thought better of it. After some brief questions and discussion, Tepsa emerged victorious. Most voters seemed to favor Tepsa for her fresh perspective on student government.



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