Born This Way


by Jonathan Hamre

After listening repeatedly to all twenty-one songs from Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” for about two solid months, I have been ready for some new Gaga for a long time. I decided to look at the dates for her concert and see if she was going to be anywhere near me any time soon. I bought the tickets for the concert with some friends and started counting down the days until I could see my Mama Monster live. (Just in case you didn’t know, Lady Gaga calls herself Mama Monster and calls all of her fans her Little Monsters.) I had to live for about four months without any new Gaga, so I turned to the online scene for information. It’s because I started following Lady Gaga on Twitter that I have known for months when her new single, “Born This Way,” is planned to be released: this Friday at 9am. Expect me to be playing it in my iPod all day long.

Gaga has taken over Twitter and has eight million followers, more than anybody else who uses to social networking site. For the last six months she has been giving her fans little bits of information about her new album. She has created this sense of feeling within Twitter that she is truly connected to her fans. This is the message that she is trying to send to everyone that listens to her music: You are always welcome in her fan base no matter who you are. That is the idea that she wants to spread with her new album “Born This Way.”

Through Twitter Gaga released the lyrics to her single “Born This Way” to her fans. There song has lines like: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M/Just put your paws up/’cause you were/born this way.” There are affirmations like: “I’m beautiful in my way/‘cause God makes no mistakes/ I’m on the right track baby,” and “Rejoice and love yourself today.” These lyrics are meant to free people from the feeling that they are ugly or not good enough for some reason. Gaga wants her fans to know that they can be who they want to be without any judgment. It’s why her gay fans can relate to her because they may sometimes feel like they aren’t loved for who they are in some places. It’s why “Born This Way” means so much to me.
Coming from a family that throws bibles at gay people, I never felt comfortable being gay and talking about it. When I came to Beloit and started to meet people that actually didn’t care, that’s when I really became comfortable with being gay. At the same time, I found Lady Gaga. I found that her Monster Ball Tour was created to be a place where people can be whomever they wanted to be. I stated living my life by the phrase

“I am a free b*tch baby” (a lyric from her song “Bad Romance”). To me, it means I can be who I want be and not care what others think of me. That’s why you’ll often catch me singing “Bad Romance” down College Street and on my way to class.

I now know for sure that I have Gaga and her fan base as a family. Lots of people call, text, or Facebook me when they hear a Gaga song to say it reminds them of me. All of her fans are talking to me, which means I get to feel love from so many different types of people every time a Gaga song is on the radio—which is often. Because of Gaga I have been able to make more friends because I am not worrying about what others think and because we have a common interest: our Mama Monster. I can truly say that I am really excited to hear this new song, because we are going to have more to talk about, with the single, the music video, and her live performance at the Grammys. Now I can proudly say that “I am a free b*tch,” that “I was born this way” and know that I have friends who will back me up.



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