Drunk Destruction: Kinda Lame

by Sasha Debevec-McKenney

Every weekend at Beloit follows the same mold for most—party, recover, party, recover, do homework, and then it’s over. The housekeeping staff comes in Monday morning and cleans up the puke, the beer cans, and the bottles. But that’s not where their cleaning-up-after-drunk-students-responsibilities end. Along with everything else, housekeeping also has to clean up all of the papers and posters that students ripped down over the weekend. This happens almost every weekend. My dorm’s ground-floor hallways and staircases are almost always littered with papers come Saturday and Sunday mornings. Drinking on this campus is normal and fun—most of us do it and most of us can do it without wrecking things.

For some reason, there are people on this campus that don’t know to suppress the urge to rip paper off of a wall. Who are these people? Do they despise the idea of clubs in general, or are certain clubs more infuriating to them than others? Do they feel so left out from extracurricular activities that the only way they can deal with the loneliness is to make sure nobody else participates? Do they hate concerts and believe C-Haus is spreading the word of the Devil with its crazy indie music? Are they on a lifelong quest to prove that gravity is better than tape? Or, are they just drunk and think it’s funny?

Ripping paper can be fun—believe me, I know. I am one of the 35 million people who have seen that YouTube video of the baby ripping newspaper and laughing so hard he falls over. That video is only cute because it features a baby, not a drunk college student. The baby’s father is there to clean up after him. That baby doesn’t live in a communal space that he shares with dozens of other people. The truth is, upwards of 35 million people aren’t going to watch video of you ripping posters off the walls in Bushnell. Maybe one friend will see, cackle, and keep moving up the stairs or out the door. Maybe if you’re lucky someone will be so impressed by your sense of humor and/or strength they’ll let you make out with them. But the realistic outcome is an eye sore for everybody else, more work for the housekeeping staff, and fewer people coming to club meetings and events they never even knew existed.



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