The Latest Scare Crew on Campus


By Jeremy Cornelius

Inspired by Misfits lyrics and classic creepy flicks, former Beloit College student Eric Tash developed a club on campus for those devoted to all things frightening, Horror Club. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” was the perfect first choice for a screening, considering that it is argued to be one of the first defined “horror” movies. The film was shown on campus in Java Joint in fall ’09, with a live band providing music.

The club slowly fell into decline last year, retaining only a few core members. Tash  transferred after spring ’10, which left the horrors unseen, until a gaggle of dedicated horror fans stepped in to revive the fallen club.

AJ Haughton ’13, Louie Demarco ’13, JT Aregood ’11, and Gus Voorhees ’12 — an early member of the unofficial club — held a few clandestine meetings in fall ’10  in Women’s Center, where both Haughton and Aregood live, to brainstorm possible events and ensure that the club would successfully resuscitate. They felt confident about proceeding with authorizing the club by locating and convincing a professor on campus to be their faculty adviser, Haughton’s student adviser, Kosta Hadavas.

Haughton single-handedly drafted a constitution and proposed the club to BSC, and it successfully passed. Now that the club has materialized and gained a budget, it can prosper with its growing student interest on campus. As a new club, it is difficult to immediately soar in popularity, but the growing group membership is helpful to their security and future development.

Ideas for possible events germinated all last semester, and some have already been executed such as their “Pizza Party in the Graveyard” event. The members arranged a small gathering in the local graveyard on Clary Street. Unfortunately, inclement weather put a damper on the festivities, but the club members’ optimism lead them to continue with the event. The core members notified their expected guests via Facebook and text to let them know that the Women’s Center living room would have to suffice for a proper venue. The party unfortunately did not include a seance to speak to the austere Peet family member who is buried in the graveyard and for whom our dorm on campus is named. If anything, they may have toyed around with an ouiji board and summoned up a few radical feminists from Women’s Center’s past.

For one of their prospective events, anyone can grab their axes and join in on a night of punk-filled madness. With a few simple chords, anyone can join in their upcoming Misfits Cover Band Contest, which will hopefully be hosted at C-Haus in the near future. Haughton and Demarco have been practicing their skills on guitars, donning ripped-sleeve leather jackets, and applying excessive white face paint, which may be a normal hobby for both on any given day. Arrangements are in the works with current C-Haus manager Sean Keith ’10 as to the specifics, but rest assured, Misfits fans, it will eventually appear on campus. If the three of them alone could take on the task of constructing a ghost of a club and make it happen, there’s nothing this scare crew can’t manage.

Upcoming plans for the club involve having another screening of a film accompanied by music. Haughton says that the club plans on getting bands from Cincinnati and Chicago to come and play. If anyone would be interested in scaring up some entertainment on campus with the frightful foursome contact AJ Haughton, the club’s president, at haughtona@beloit.edu.

For those interested in attending a few frightening events or just curious about the club’s eccentricities and quirks, meetings will be held this semester on Mondays at 10 p.m. in the Java Joint.



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