The Bears Got Packed Away in the NFC Championship


By Elizabeth Crea

Some rivalries never die. It was certainly no surprise to see blue, orange, green, and yellow apparel virtually everywhere last weekend. And on this Midwestern campus, it was easy to spot football fans and people supporting their hometowns in their t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys. The legendary Bears vs. Packers feud came into play last Sunday, with the Packers winning their spot for the Super Bowl with a 21 to 14 victory. At 5:13 PM, the argument of who would be going to the Super Bowl was over. Yet that hasn’t suppressed the bitter feelings between Packers and Bears fans on campus, bitterness still palpable a week later.

It was the Bears fans who had to swallow their pride after the loss at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Shareese Townsend, a senior from Beloit, Wisconsin, was very disappointed by the final score. “I actually thought they had a chance. If the [Chicago] Blackhawks could do it… come on.”

Townsend has been a Bears fan since 2006, the last time Chicago was a Super Bowl contender. Although a Wisconsin native, she claims to have never been (and never will be) a Packers fan. “Green is not my color. And the whole cheese head movement? It looks stupid to wear a cheese wedge on your head.” Come Super Bowl Sunday, Townsend will root for the Steelers just to “see all the Packers fans cry when Green Bay loses.”

Mitch Dubin, a junior from Skokie, Illinois and an avid Packers fan, was very excited by the outcome of Sunday’s game. “It was an unbelievable feeling, considering the other time they went to the Super Bowl was when I was seven years old. So this one is really special.”

Dubin’s plan for the Super Bowl is to watch the game at his fraternity house, Sigma Chi. “It’s a tradition we do every year where we watch the game in our front room on the big screen T.V.”

Although Dubin admires many current Green Bay players, Clay Matthews is one of his favorites. “He’s one of the most exciting players in the NFL. He plays with such passion and intensity. And Rodgers has just been unbelievable taking over for Brett Favre. He is always staying calm and keeping his composure and is an amazing talent. The guy does just about everything.”

Despite his positive team spirit, he has no encouraging words for downtrodden and occasionally “obnoxious” Bears fans. “I’m just glad we took the season series and, more importantly, are heading to the Super Bowl instead of them. To quote many [Bears fans], and some who are Cubs fans as well, ‘There’s always next year.’”



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