Perpetuating Stereotypes?

By Danny Hodorowski

Perpetuation of stereotypes was a topic of debate over the last weekend for many people across the campus. Playaz Ball was a double-edged sword for the people who were trying to defame the party and those who were trying to hold up a tradition here at Beloit. The stereotypes that persist within the culture of the United States at this specific point in history delineate those who are trying to critique or mock the stereotypes that persist against those who are actually performing a stereotype. This is based on the societal structure which creates stereotypes in the first place. The men at the party were supposed to resemble those who are by profession pimps; and the women at the party were supposed to resemble those who are by profession hoes. These two professions by societal standards in the U.S. at this point in history are very low and demeaning. The connotations taken from other students at Beloit were that the people who were dressing up from both sexes were being classist, racist and sexist. By perpetuating stereotypes, those who were trying to enjoy themselves were making a mockery of the professions and thereby invalidating their stances to society. The protesters at the party did have points by making signs that voiced their opinions; however, I believe that they did not have the right to call people classist or racist. Sexism comes into question as those who are stereotyped as being “hoes” were of the female gender. This is creating stereotypes by attempting to point out other people’s stereotypes, because not only women can be of that profession. There is no validity that I can see with calling people classist for mocking the stereotypes of these two professions however. Women can be pimps too. By making that assumption that women have to be “hoes,” the stereotypes that are trying to be thwarted are actually being perpetuated.  To be classist is to look down upon another class than the one that a person is in. Since not everyone from Beloit is from the same socio-economic back ground, this has no validity. Conversely, not all people of these two professions are of a lower or different class than students that are attending Beloit. There is no validity to being racist either. This implies that all pimps and hoes are of a certain racial background. This is also false. Therefore, I have deduced that the people who were protesting the party were more unaware of the societal backgrounds and more aware of societal assumptions than the attendants of Playaz Ball were aware of their actions. We thank you for the advertisements; we’ll see you all next year.




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