Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

By Adam James Carlson


This past week provided many great opportunities for Beloiters to benefit from health-related services on campus. A new campaign from the Health and Wellness Center aims to educate more students about various college-related health issues and concerns. October is also the month that highlights several health-related causes, including health literacy and breast cancer awareness.

The RA Complex on the Beach offered free STD testing for students in Maurer Link on Wednesday, Oct. 6. A member of the complex has reported the number of tests given as 112.

Last week the Health and Wellness Center offered flu shots to students, faculty and staff of Beloit College. The immunizations were offered during the select lunch and dinner hours at Commons in the Presidential Dining Room.  Health and Wellness Center Director Jan Floto reported that 75 students were immunized.

These numbers are very close to the number of students who took advantage of the free H1N1 immunization last year.   Students might have been wary about the $22 cost of this year’s vaccine, which was offered to students and staff at no cost last year.   Students could charge the cost to their student account or pay with cash or check. This year’s vaccine included protection against a strain of Influenza A, Influenza B, and H1N1.

“Table Talk” has helped the Health and Wellness Center reach out to educate and interact with more students this semester.  The first topic centered on alcohol in moderation and the combination of alcohol with prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Students also had the opportunity of trying on beer goggles, which simulated impaired vision over the legal intoxication blood alcohol level of .08.

The most recent topic helped students improve technique and frequency of hand washing.  Students washed their hands after simulated germs were applied, and a black light was used to show the most common areas missed while washing hands. These areas include fingernails, in between fingers, the backs of hands, and the wrists.




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