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PREVIEW: An Interview With Earth Program

This band will be playing at the C-Haus tomorrow (FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17!).  Patricia Weber scored an interview with them. Read on!

I have had the privilege to see Earth Program live at a local music venue in my
hometown, Gurnee, Ill. Since they’re gonna be playing here this weekend, I
figured I’d do a little interview just to introduce them to Beloit.

PW: When did Earth Program start and why did you start this band?
Mondo: The idea came around May of 2007. The band formed around August.
Bibbles: We chose the ‘profession’ ’cause it was either this or the catfish farm.
PW: Who are the members?
Christopher Mondo — vocals/acoustic guitar
Michael T. Signal — vocals/drums/percussion
Mister Bibbles — vocals/bass/synth
PW: What genre of music is Earth Program? Any influences?
Mondo: The Earth Program is a retro spooky atomic rawk stoner pop
mama jama space punk. Our influences include lemonade, pudding cups,
cut-up hot dogs and ketchup. Cupcakes are nice too.
PW: Have the members or the band changed throughout the years?
Yes. One, our old drummer Johnny X, was turned inside out and the other,
JenDroid, had a UFO crash on top of her.
PW: @Chris: Tell me about your old band, The BlowHoles. @Everyone: What
bands have you been in before?
Mondo: The BlowHoles (whose name came directly from an episode
of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”) was my first attempt at a real band.
Israel Alpizar, the drummer from Donoma, as you may or may not know,
was an original member in band. The group was active from 2002-2007
and during that time we recorded three albums: Tunamilk Chronicles
(2003), Same Old Garbage (2004) & Empyrean (2006) and a side project
album with Chad from Richard Cranium called The Sh*tty Acoustic Album
Matt: Ska-Punk got me on the road to performing, I sang in
a band called Toe Tapping Scoundrels. We didn’t so much practice, it
was mostly just an excuse to play Mortal Kombat and rip on our drummer.
Michael: I started playing in bands when I was in 8th grade. I was in T.L.R.,
J.D.P., S.O.T.E., A.P.R. and T.E.P.
PW: How did you start your love of music?
Mondo: Banging on pots and pans & Yellow Submarine.
Michael: My mother played me lots of GG Allin when I was in the womb.
Mr. Bibbles: There’s only one kind of music that you should ever paint
Warhammer miniatures to: Rush.
PW: How do you create your music? Who writes the lyrics?
Bibbles: We hand over typewriters and toy instruments to monkeys and pre-
Mondo: Then mix the results in a blender for safe digestion.
PW: My favorite song is “Eat Your Make-Up.” What is this song about?
Mondo: The title came from an early John Waters film.
Can you explain the music video?
Signal: Family video nightmares. It was shot on two very separate dates
to indicate parallels between the Earth Program universe and edited
together by Sam Westerling.
Mondo: And also indicates parallels of being prepared and not being prepared.
PW: Any challenges along the way?
Bibbles: With the band, we’ve changed more than a couple of flat tires
along the way. With our van too! If anyone reading this sees Gilbert, our
mechanic, tell him we’re looking for him.
Signal: Like a hammer is looking for thumbs.
PW: What do you want out of this experience? Do you see a future or are you
just living life?
Signal: To be quoted accurately.
Mondo: Hover boards & milkshakes!!!
PW: Do you see a future or are you just living life?
Mondo: We certainly hope to and work and push for it. But we also know
how to have fun with it all too. That’s the important part.
Bibbles: I think anyone would consider themselves lucky to be able
to keep a roof over their heads by doing something they really love.
PW: Tell us about your debut album, INVADE!
Mondo: We recorded it ourselves at the SpookHouse during the winter
months of ‘08. It mastered by this dude, El Roberto. The mixing was a bit
of a tumultuous situation, what with the drummer turning inside out and all.
Bibbles: One of the benefits of doing it ourselves is that we got to have
total control from start to finish. It’s exciting to live in a time where we
have access to the tools where they can make a very professional album
that we can be proud of.
PW: How does it feel to be one of the 10 Chicago Bands to Watch in 2010?
Bibbles: Loud Loop Press have been really nice to us. We’re playing a
show with the editor’s, Richard Giraldi’s, band, Rodeo, on Halloween at the
Dark Room in Chicago.
Signal: I’m glad they (LoudLoopPress) were named the best music blog by
The Chicago Reader.
Mondo: It’s always a surprise and encouraging that so many great
publications have taken an interest in our music.
Bibbles: Totally.
PW: I remember seeing you guys play last year at Swing State during the
outdoor festival. Care to explain Swing State? How does it compare to other
Mondo: That’s the show I puked at! For real though, Swing State is
rad. It’s great that they provide an all-ages place f0r bands to play and
kids to hang out at because they’re pretty far and few in a lot of places.
Signal: The staff really cares about the bands playing and the people who
are there to have fun. Like Popz can dance his ass off.
PW: I still have the demo CD from the festival. How does it feel to go from
passing out free demos on blank CDs purchased at Best Buy to having an
official album?
Mondo: It feels awesome.
PW: Got interesting stories to share?
Mondo: Each time we get together something interesting happens.
It’s been great to perform at all sorts of house and benefit shows.
Signal: We’ve had the [opportunity to] play with POLYSICS [and] The Fleshtones and meeting
a lot of other really cools bands along the way.
Bibbles: The Clams, Woo-Man & the Banana, Donoma, Gorilla Press, and many more are some of our favorites.
PW: Anything else to add? Last words of encouragement to other local bands?
Bibbles: It’s amazing to see how much you can get done if you work hard.
Mondo: Keep rawking. Stick with it and believe in what you do.
PW: Where can people go to know about Earth Program and contact you guys?
http://www.theearthprogram.org – you can find links to all of our other sites like
MySpace, Facebook, formspring, YouTube and more.


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